SCI's Corporate Structure:

Sentencing Concepts, Inc., was acquired in 1998 by Correctional Systems, Inc. (CSI) as a wholly owned subsidiary. Led by an executive team of experienced corrections professionals, CSI is a growing force in the realm of privatized corrections. By way of the following three divisions, CSI provides a full range of correctional services:


CSI's Institutional Division -
This division has nine corrections contracts with eight city jails in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas and a county jail in New Mexico.

CSI's Pre-Release Division -
This division has four corrections contracts with three Bureau of Prisons CCC's in Austin, Brownsville and Edinburg, Texas and one Community Residential Treatment Center for the County of Travis, Texas.

  CSI's Alternative Sentencing Division - This Division, Sentencing Concepts, Inc. (SCI), provides alternatives to imprisonment for low to moderate risk offenders. SCI's programs combine punishment options and offender supervision with education and counseling. Led by a team of experienced former law enforcement and counseling professionals, SCI has over 2,000 offenders under supervision, including counseling or drug/ alcohol testing, at any given time. SCI has offices in:

Los Alamitos,
Lake Forest,
Rancho Cucamonga,

San Luis Obispo, and
Santa Barbara.
  As an expanding company, CSI has been methodical in its growth; by taking the time to establish proper procedures and methods of operation that ensure the highest quality of performance. CSI is a publicly traded, for-profit corporation with offices in California, Texas and Colorado. Finally, CSI manages all of its facilities to meet or exceed state and American Correctional Association standards.

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Correctional Systems, Inc. and Sentencing Concepts, Inc. are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Cornell Companies, Inc.

©2001 SCI Concepts Inc., A subsidiary of Correctional Systems, Inc.

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